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How to use a printer profile

Most good photo printing software makes printing with printer profiles quite easy. Each program will have a different dialogue box, but the basic principles apply to most situations.


Basic principles

A printer profile must only be used once in the print workflow.


Most printing software allows you the choice of either letting the printer handle colour management or the program itself.
We recommend applying the profile in the printing program.


Once the program has been set to apply the profile profile you need to ensure that the printer driver does not apply a profile again. This is done by setting the printer driver to 'No colour management'. This setting is usually found in the advanced section of the driver dialogue.


Some common examples

Below are links to pages about some specifc programs. If you need advice on any other software please email us and we should be able to help. The screenshots are from a computer running Windows, but most Mac versions of software have the same options.


Printing software


Printer drivers