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How to print our targets

To make a custom printer profile we need to measure exactly what colours a printer actually prints without any interference from any software in your work flow.
In order to measure this you need to print the supplied target files without ANY colour management being applied AT ALL at any stage. All the targets need to be printed with exactly the same settings, preferably those recommended for the paper by the manufacturer.
Possibly the easiest software to use is the Adobe Printer Utility. This software is designed for printing profiling targets without colour management and is freely available from their web site for both Windows and Macs. Read our page about it click here.
The same principle applies with all printers, all printing software and every operating system.

An important first step is to make sure your printer is working correctly. Run a nozzle check and ensure that any blocked jets are cleared before printing out the target.

Each target will fit onto a single A4, or US letter sheet of paper. Do NOT resize them to fit. If you are printing on roll paper or canvas, please do not cut the targets exactly round the dotted limits, but leave an extra margin of about 2cms at the top of the box for handling purposes.

Once the targets have been printed leave them to dry fully. If you are sending multiple different types of paper carefully mark the paper type outside the dotted target area.

Please carefully package the targets with a sheet of plain paper between each sheet to prevent any damage, preferably with a sheet of card to prevent damage in transit, fill in the order form and send it all to us. To ensure prompt delivery check that the package is correctly stamped with the correct amount.