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Hints and Tips for good colour inkjet photo printing

Calibrate you monitor
Probably the single most important thing you can do to help work accurately with colour is calibrate and profile your monitor. This is best done with a hardware calibrator and it's software. This allows you to accurately and repeatably set the brightness and contrast levels of your monitor and also measures the monitor's output and builds a profile to optimise it's display characteristics.


Use a good, wide gamut monitor
It sometimes disappoints us that people will spend big amounts of money on cameras, lenses and printers, but then fail to invest in a good wide gamut monitor to actually see and edit their results with. It makes a huge difference.


Don't let stary light fall on the screen
Try to position your monitor so that stray light doesn't fall on the screen and spoil the contrast of the screen or give distracting reflections. A thin black card hood can greatly improve display quality for little cost.


Regularly clean your monitor screen
It's sometimes surprising how quickly a film of dust can collect on a monitor screen. At least once a week give the screen a clean