Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and Adobe color printer utility

Photoshop CS5, and later versions CS5.5 and CS6, removed the option to print without colour management in their print dialogue. Although this doesn't change how most people will routinely print images, it does make printing profiling targets difficult, needing an awkward work round that was more likely to result in errors when printing targets.
To allow profiling targets to be printed easily without applying any colour management Adobe have now released a free utility just for this task, Adobe Color printer utility.
It's downloadable from here

We've done extensive tests on this utility as it's behaviour is not quite as one would expect.

We would now recommend it for Mac users wanting to print profiling targets as it seems to resolve all the issues we've recently seen when printing targets with Macs.

For PC users there is a bug in the software that means the targets are printed without the correct margins and are resized slightly smaller. We've extensively tested this and, in this specific case, it doesn't give us any problems with building a custom printer profile.
If you only have Photoshop CS5, or later, available Adobe color printer utility is probably the best option for printing targets, but if you have an older version available we would prefer you to use that instead. If you do use this utility please ensure that you mention that you're printing from this on your order form.
Hopefully this bug will be fixed in a future version of the utility.