Terms and Conditions

A custom profile should do no damage to your system, so we can't be held responsible for any problems or losses caused directly or indirectly by the use of any file, advice or instructions we provide for you.

If you don't like what we've delivered and think we've got it wrong, tell us and let us have another go to try to get things right for which we may need your assistance in printing out further test images, if that fails we'll refund your money.

We support users of both Windows and Mac systems, but as Linux based systems don't natively support colour management we can't offer much help for Linux based systems at this time.

We will always try to help you with any colour management problems you encounter when using our profiles, but we can't sort out all your problems with colour management. We've provided pages of help on our web site to assist you to set up your system, please read those carefully first. Beyond that you may need a specialist consultant's help.

You may not give or resell any profiles we've made for you to other people, they won't work as well for other printers and that'll make our service look poor.
The only exception to this is that you may give a profile to others to allow them to soft proof output that you will print for them on the printer we've profiled for you.

If these terms are unacceptable, tell us before proceeding with your order.