"The colours were perfect first time with your German Etching profile. Thank you once again."

Bruce Starkey
The Resource Exchange Ltd

"I will use your profile as my preferred profile for future prints."

Mark Baigent
Industrial - Commercial - Architectural Photography

"I was getting some really mushy midtones that a slight cast on them, but your profile has done the trick!
A huge improvement all round and the best quality I have got so far when printing b & w."

Vince Bevan
Reportage, Editorial, Advertising, Portrait and Fine Art photography

"The profile is superb! Thanks.
I had tweaked my settings about as well as I could, but could not get the final prints to the required standard. Now they really are there."

Rupert Witherow, Netherlands.

"Just a quick note to how impressed I am with the new profile, no need to 'upgrade' my printer now!
Improvement wise, my prints have more vibrant and accurate colours, most noticeably with greens, reds, and yellows. Blues, and skin tones are also just that little more convincing, the subtle different shades in skin tones now reproducible make for more detailed and lifelike pictures too. Prints with the new profile seemed a little dark at first, but on closer inspection this seems to down to increased contrast."

Simon Neil, Huntingdon, UK

"The company involved excelled themselves and actually e-mailed me the completed profile the same day they received the targets - today!
Added to that, and going completely beyond the call of duty, they have made me a fantastic offer (I won't state the exact details here as it could be open to abuse) to solve the problem.
We're so quick to complain about companies that I would like to recommend this one here. They're a UK based company with excellent prices too :"

Posted to DP Review printers forum

"How I wish I had used colourprofiles.com before! I had tried generic profiles and even a cheap 'home profile maker'.
None of these really provided the image I thought I had. Using the custom-made profiles, my images printed exactly as I had wanted them to look.
The profiles save me time and paper - plus they are emailed to you within 24hrs!!"

David R. Short ARPS

"I have only just installed the profile you sent me and am delighted with the results. For the first time, the printed photo has really good colours without spending ages trying to tweak colour, brightness and contrast. Many thanks"

George Bain, Scotland

"Thank-you for the profile, I have tested a few prints and the results are excellent. It has made a massive difference to what I was getting before. Now I can use photoshop and know what I see is going to be near as damn it what I am going to get on the print. Worth every penny."

Shaun Robinson, UK

"Firstly, I am astounded, as I only posted the printed colour swatches on monday from Spain, and it is now wednesday afternoon and I am already printing using the profile you created for me.
The difference is amazing, I now have vivid natural colours, instead of the poor qulity rendition of before.
I will have no hesitation whatsoever in using you in future for different papers, and will more than happily recommend you to anyone looking for a perfect colour profile for their printer.
Thank you for your A1 service."

Steve Fletcher

"Thank you for the very quick profiling! I received your email less than 24 hours after posting the test prints to you.
The profile for the Gold Fibre Silk is great. My prints were coming out too dark beforehand, even though my monitor was properly calibrated and I was using one of Ilford's own profiles for GFS. Your profile, however, has really nailed it; what comes out of the printer is a near perfect match to what I see on my screen.
Thank you!"

Andrew Barnes

"I can't believe it!
It is such a relief to be able to print.
I should have done this a few years ago but it's taken me this long to figure out colour management.
I've only done a few prints this morning but they are coming out great."

Ann McNamee

"I would thoroughly recommend ColourProfiles. We use inexpensive dye-based ink (£1.25 per cartridge) on our Epson R1800 and were getting very poor results with green shadows and other artifacts we couldn't get rid of. Our new ColourProfiles profile matched to Fuji Multijet Premium paper (19p per sheet) gives us superb results. Now we have good value and high quality printing - many thanks to Paul for helping us achieve this goal!"

Rob Morland, UK

"I have only just installed the profile you sent me and am delighted with the results. For the first time, the printed photo has really good colours without spending ages trying to tweak colour, brightness and contrast.
Many thanks."

George Bain

"My prints are so close-the colours are excellent, they actually look like the image before being soft proofed-which is outstanding……
Thanks again for your time and detailed knowledge, I have been very impressed with your fast responses/service where I'm sure others would not of taken a passing interest in my problems. I will not hesitate in recommending you to others and will be using your services again in the future."

Andy Back