Why choose ColourProfiles ?

There are three key reasons to choose ColourProfiles.com to make your custom printer profiles.

Quality of profiles

 We use Gretag-MacBeth (X-Rite) profiling equipment with their Profilemaker 5 software that provides the highest quality profiles. For normal photo paper profiles we're now using an X-Rite i1Isis auto spectrophotometer. This is an extraordinarily good spectrophotometer that is faster and even more consistent than the i1 Pro 2 we need to use for thicker materials like canvas and other non-standard materials.
The i1Isis is able to measure smaller, more closely spaced, patches than other hand held spectrophotometers with very high degrees of accuracy, so we've been able to create a custom 1005 patch target that fits onto a single A4 sheet of paper. Although only using one page there are more patches than most three page target sets and we've added a wider range of neutral grey patches to help deliver particularly good monochrome performance.
For our customers this means that not only do they get even better performing profiles, but they don't need to use as many sheets of potentially expensive photo paper.

Experience and service

 Colourprofiles have been making custom profiles for customers since 2003. In that time we have profiled most of the inkjet, laser and dye sub printers, inks and papers available.
Over the years we have come across and resolved most issues and misunderstandings in the use of colour management. With that experience we can now quickly offer help and support if needed. See our customer's own comments on our service and let them reassure you the quality of our profiles and service.


 We are able to offer custom printer profiles at a very low cost.
We achieve this by just offering a single service, custom profiles for inkjet and laser printers; we don't profile scanners, cameras, monitors, pre-press profiling or offer on-site visits. By having such a narrow focus we are able to provide clear, accurate instructions for using our profiles in colour managed systems that help our customers to be sure of getting great results easily.
We've found our customers find our products easy to use, so we can pass on the saving of not having to provide costly support services, although we'll always be able to assist our customers in using our profiles via email should that be needed.